How technology has helped us become more productive

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Oct 27th, 2013

Many of our daily activities could be easily simplified or completed in a shorter time, if there were suitable gadgets or devices available. In a few cases, these devices may already exist, but information about the device is not easily available or it may be difficult to find a supplier for the device.

Mithought is a website where people who have an innovative idea or product can network with others, which may help some convert their idea into reality. Some of the newly developed innovative products available are posted on the website.

Often, the problems faced are short term or temporary, for example those caused by weather conditions, which change over time. Ideas which may occur to a person may soon get forgotten, if they are not recorded in some form. The website allows people to share their innovative idea for a product or service with others.

By posting their idea, the person can get feedback from others who may have worked on similar products and also gauge the demand for the product in the market. Based on these factors the feasibility of developing and selling the product can be assessed.

Developing any new product can be both expensive as well as time consuming. It involves making a prototype of the product based on the design idea after arranging for the different components or parts of the product. The prototype is then tested to check its performance under different conditions to see if it meets the requirements. If not, further modifications or changes may have to be made. Later it may be released for mass production after testing, and marketing skills are needed to sell the product to a large number of people. People with innovative business ideas can find supporters who can help convert the idea into a physical product which can be easily purchased by anyone who needs it.

One of the products available at is are zip tangle free earphones. Earphones are used with mobile phones, computers, and listening to music, especially in conditions where is a lot of background noise. Untangling these earphones can be very time consuming and messy. Zip Tangle free earphones have the earphones attached to a zip, so that they can be worn and removed quickly without much effort, especially when the person has to rush out in a hurry. These zip earphones can be part of the sweatshirt or any clothing worn by the user. A photo of these earphones is available at

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