How to improve your manufacturing methods

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May 19th, 2014

One of the key factors of any company producing goods for sale is keeping manufacturing costs low while maintaining the core principles of quality, sustainability and environmental awareness.

It has often been the case that to reduce costs you must sacrifice on one or more of these areas. However, it’s a brave new world we live in today and new technology might allow you to reduce expenditure on the manufacturing process without compromising other areas.


CAMWorks is a 3D feature based CAM system that can help to improve your productivity and consequently boost profitability in manufacturing. It works by combining world-class technologies and integrated automation, optimising the Computer Numerical Control (CNC) programming.

This will help you to get products to market faster with a greater degree of efficiency and reduced costs. The integrated strategies not only increase productivity but shorten lead times, maintain a consistently high quality – all while handling often complex parts.

The key features of CAMWorks CNC, CAD and CAM software are that it has automatic feature recognition (AFR) and up to a five axis simultaneous machining.


There is also multiple part and production machining. The additional modules allow you to customise the system to meet your needs exactly. These include CAMWorks Nesting, CAMWorks Volumill and ElectrodeWorks.

This is the very latest in intelligent machining through automation and will offer incredible manufacturing benefits by using the latest technology.

CAMWorks is just one of a stable of incredible products available at NT CADCAM. Experts in 2D and 3D CAD CAM design, NT CADCAM aim to help you transition from the idea stage to the marketplace with as little difficulty, expense and time as possible.


Through the use of the latest CAD CAM software, compatible with most operating systems and with the available TransMagic translation systems, these could be the very tools you are looking for to streamline and improve the quality of your business.

With nearly two decades at the forefront of CAD CAM design, NT CADCAM has a growing UK base of clients utilising their services and software to bring their products to market quicker and better than ever before.

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